UK Wind Week 2020 is unique in a number of ways

‘UK Wind Week’ is an annual celebration of the UK’s offshore wind, onshore wind and floating wind sector. This year is unique in a number of ways. The Prime Minister has declared an ambition to make the UK the ‘Saudi Arabia of wind’, with a target of 40GW of offshore wind by 2030, 1GW of floating wind and, announced earlier in the year, new CfD auctions of onshore wind. As COP26 President, the UK is uniquely placed to encourage other countries in the world to follow our ambition.

However, this is also the year dominated by COVID-19. The UK’s wind industry has had to rapidly adapt to be able to function safely throughout the year. As such, we’d like to celebrate those in the industry who went the extra mile to keep the lights on, keep the UK on track to net zero and helped their local communities too. Due to COVID-related restrictions, UK Wind Week celebrations and engagement will be entirely online. UK Wind Week will focus on a different theme each day on social media, supported by RenewableUK’s industry members and other supporting organisations. The aims of UK wind week are:

• To celebrate the benefits of offshore, onshore and floating wind – particularly in the context of the UK’s economic recovery – increasing regional growth and community regeneration, employment, exports, the UK’s progress towards net zero carbon emissions, and providing lowest cost electricity.
• Given that the week falls a year prior to the re-scheduled COP26, with the UK as President, the week will be an opportunity to show UK international leadership and encourage other countries to raise their wind generation ambitions.

Key Themes and Messages:

Day Themes Comments
Mon 23rd -Net Zero
-UK Global Leadership

The UK has a world-leading targets for fixed and floating offshore
wind development, supported by new onshore wind and solar.
a result, we’ve seen huge economic, industrial and social benefits.
- The UK’s example should encourage countries across the world to
embrace wind
(e.g. Brazil, Columbia, India, Mexico and Turkey –
with significant offshore wind resource and shallow seabed).
- UK companies are capitalising on this growing global market for
wind energy, with targets of £2.6 billion of offshore wind exports
alone by 2030.
- We’re encouraging all our stakeholders and supporters to share why
they support the UK’s wind industry
. This will be done in tandem
with engagement of decision makers and media in nations which
could significantly increase offshore and onshore wind development
and targets.

Tues 24th -Transforming Communities
-Levelling Up
-UK Supply Chain

- Wind developers and the UK’s growing wind industry supply chain
are bringing new jobs and investment
into communities across the
UK, supporting the Government’s ‘levelling up agenda’.
- You can see this clearly in the coastal clusters of the offshore wind
- We’re encouraging RenewableUK supply chain members to share
what they do and where they’re located, to show the diversity of
businesses in the sector and their wide geographic spread.
Wed 25th -Green Economic Recovery
-The Wind Workforce

- The development of wind energy will be a key part of the UK’s
green economic recovery
, as signalled by the Prime Minister.
- The UK wind industry employs thousands of people up and down
the country in a wide variety of roles
; from ecologists, planners
and project managers to engineers, communications professionals,
business developers and even helicopter pilots.
- We’re encouraging RenewableUK members to share case studies of
people working in the industry to encourage others into the sector.

Thurs 26th -Innovation
-Low Cost Electricity

- Wind energy is one of the lowest cost forms of electricity
, with Government now able to secure contracts for
power, from offshore and onshore wind, at lower cost than the
predicted market rate.
- It is with the help of continued innovation, supported at institutions
like the ORE Catapult test facility in Blyth, that the industry will
continue to reduce emissions at the lowest possible cost.
- We’re encouraging RenewableUK members to share recent
technological innovations.

Fri 27th -Safely through Covid-19
-Everyday Heroes

- Through Covid-19, the UK wind industry have adapted working
practice to continue to safely build projects, provide jobs and keep
the lights on.
Between March and July (peak lock-down), UK-based
companies working in the wind industry announced contracts and
investments in new projects worth more than £4bn, creating over
2,000 UK jobs.
- We’re encouraging Renewable UK members to share examples of
‘Everyday heroes’ in their workforce who have supported the
industry through this difficult year.

- We’re also encouraging RenewableUK members to share examples
of where they have adapted Community Development Funds and/or
started new initiatives to support local communities through COVID.