Ticket sales soar as EEEGR’s flagship conference and exhibition SNS2020 puts the spotlight on decarbonisation and the transition to 2050.


A future without carbon thirty years ago would have seemed unthinkable, yet that is precisely the future EEEGR’s SNS2020 will be shaping. Tickets are on sale now, for the conference and exhibition which is spread over two days on the 22nd and 23rd April 2020, titled: Smart Generation – The Transition to 2050.

This isn’t just a talking exercise, industry leaders from across the energy sector and its supply chain will be meeting to listen, discuss and plan what a decarbonised energy sector looks like, as the UK becomes a net zero producer of Greenhouse Emissions by 2050. There is a sense of anticipation that this year is something different. More delegates than ever are expected to attend, so EEEGR has responded by adding additional exhibition space to accommodate the increased numbers.

Whenever seismic change occurs, those that ride the wave most successfully are the ones who have thought ahead, building networks, making connections and being at the forefront when decisions are made. These new changes are shaking up the energy sector, creating opportunities where domination by a handful of companies was once the norm.
SNS2020 gives everybody a platform to 2050 and the future, deals, connections and relationships made here will set the tone for the next decade as a decarbonised future becomes a reality.

So called micro-businesses will for the first time play a role in SNS2020 and the wider changes in the sector. Simon Gray explains: “We are dedicating exhibition space this year to micro-businesses, sole proprietors or perhaps a couple of people who have a vision, product, idea or concept that can iteratively improve or transform an aspect of the energy sector.

We’re seeing the spirit and ethos of Silicon Valley thriving here in the Southern North Sea! As we decarbonise by 2050 there are countless opportunities for someone with a smart idea to bring about change in a way that’s never been possible before.

SNS2020 will be giving those micro-businesses an opportunity to showcase their offering. This can help them build partnerships and access expertise, or perhaps raise capital if their concept needs financial investment. We’re really excited to see the future that will emerge following SNS2020, and the doors it will open for hungry, lean and visionary entrepreneurs.”

EEEGR is skilfully navigating the changes that are coming to the energy sector. It describes itself as a “catalyst for the energy industry”, and SNS2020 is a clear demonstration of that ambition. Opening doors and building relationships, giving its members access to the right support whilst also lobbying to shape legislation, events like this are crucial to help members thrive and maximise their opportunities as the industry moves into a new phase by 2050.

The East Anglian coast hosts over 50% of the UK’s offshore wind capacity, whilst having been a major contributor to natural gas and nuclear power for half a century. Investment in the energy sector in this region is on track to reach £59.4bn by 2040. Events like SNS2020 are pivotal in sharing best practices, modes of collaboration and aligning the supply chain to the requirements of industry.

The two-day event will include exhibitors from across industry, along with the newly introduced stands for micro-businesses. A packed schedule of talks and panel sessions will also be delivered by industry leaders and experts, ranging from skills, technology and training to the role of hydrogen in the future, carbon capture and storage, operations and maintenance across oil and gas, renewable and nuclear sectors and ports and logistics.

SNS2020 is at the cusp of major changes that will shape the sector for decades to come. For more information, to book tickets or exhibition space or to find out how to become a speaker, please visit: