SSI RM supports Global Marine recce sucess


On 2nd November 2019, specialist security risk management company SSI RM accompanied Global Marine across 18 site recces in the Philippines.

Assessing site suitability for a possible large future cable lay network, SSI RM deployed three Travel Managers to accompany three Global Marine teams across the country-wide campaign.

Over a three-week period, SSI RM designated specialist Travel Managers who provided each team with Risk Management, International Travel Management and relevant Security Evaluations. Undertaking dynamic On the Move (OTM) and Deliberate Risk and Threat (DRT) assessments, SSI RM were able to provide assistance during challenging periods of travel and manoeuvring.

Operating in the Third World comes with its risks. On this campaign, SSI RM Travel Managers prevented the dangers associated with risky transport procedures and low-level crime.

Deploying an experienced Travel Manager helps to mitigate the risks of relaxed driving laws, the possibility of car jackings and logistical issues that can be common when operating abroad.

On the outcome of the recces, Global Marine Project Lead Alex Riddell explains, “we were very happy with the success of the project and SSI RM will always be our first ‘go to’ when these projects emerge.”

The recces provide a foundation to the growth of Global Marine’s development in South-East Asia.

SSI RM are a specialist risk management and security business that oversea international campaigns across the energy sector. With experience across offshore wind and oil and gas, SSI RM deliver bespoke travel management plans and security briefs that facilitate the safe and effective carrying out of projects in hostile environments.