Sizewell C contracts to be signed in the coming weeks

EDF Energy

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt revealed in his Autumn Statement 2022 speech that the UK government plans to move forward with the Sizewell C nuclear power station. Contracts with EDF Energy are to be signed at the end of the month.

Sizewell C is said to have the capacity to provide 3.2GW of always-on power for 6 million homes. It is hailed to provide a major boost in training and employment opportunities for young people and create long-term jobs. Once operational, it will employ 900 people based in Suffolk. The plant will be built next to Sizewell B which began operating in 1995.

In July 2022, the Government approved the proposals for Sizewell C and granted the project a Development Consent Order (DCO).

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt stated: "So I can today announce that the government will proceed with the new plant at Sizewell C.

"Subject to final government approvals, the contracts for the initial investment will be signed with relevant parties, including EDF, in the coming weeks.

"This will create 10,000 highly skilled jobs and provide reliable, low-carbon, power to the equivalent of 6 million homes for over 50 years.

Our £700 million investment is the first state backing for a nuclear project in over 30 years and represents the biggest step in our journey to energy independence."