Sheringham Shoal Community Fund celebrates!

Sheringham Shoal Community Fund

Representatives from many of the organisations which have received grants from the Sheringham Shoal Community Fund recently came together to celebrate the Community Fund’s success in awarding over £1million to projects in North Norfolk since it was established in 2010.
The Sheringham Shoal Community Fund receives an annual donation of £100,000 from the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm and this has enabled it to provide grants totalling £1,069,749 to 114 community projects.
The grant which took the Fund through the £1 million milestone was awarded to the Hawk and Owl Trust in May 2022, so it was felt fitting that the celebration event should be held at the charity’s Visitor Centre at Sculthorpe Moor, near Fakenham in North Norfolk.
Against an exhibition backdrop highlighting the work of the Sheringham Shoal Community Fund, members of the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm team were on hand to hear from those attending the celebration event how local communities have benefitted from the diverse range of projects supported by this grant funding.
During the course of the day many of the visitors also went on a trailer ride to see the plethora of birds and other wildlife which inhabit the Sculthorpe nature reserve, with the trailer being towed by an electric vehicle purchased by the Hawk and Owl Trust with its Community Fund grant!
In thanking the Hawk and Owl Trust for hosting the celebrations, Colin Galer, the Sheringham Shoal Power Plant Manager, said: “I believe the grant criteria associated with Sheringham Shoal Community Fund continue to be as relevant to the North Norfolk community today, as they were when the Fund was established 12 years ago, so my colleagues and I here at Equinor look forward to seeing many more innovative grant applications over  the coming years.”
The Sheringham Shoal Community Fund is administered by the Norfolk Community Foundation and full details of the grant application criteria can be found at