Revolutionary design will save oil & gas industry thousands

Prior Power Solutions

The standard design for a nitrogen pumping unit used in oil and gas production has been transformed by engineers at Prior Power Solutions to fit within a standard shipping container, saving thousands on transportation costs over the lifetime of the unit.

Until now, well service equipment typically used offshore and mobilised frequently, required specialist shipping due to its open frame construction at considerable cost and risk of damage to the equipment.

Through careful remodelling and overcoming significant design challenges, a reconfigured nitrogen pumping unit was designed with reduced overall dimensions of the DNV frame.

Valuable equipment can now fit within a standard 20ft open top container and can be safely and cost-effectively transported as standard cargo.

Mark Cox, engineering manager, said: “We are delighted to have completed this challenging innovative design which will undoubtedly save our customer considerable transport costs year-on-year.”

Explaining another benefit of the new design he continues, “The redesign also means that the unit weighs in at under 10 tonnes making lifts easier, especially where offshore cranes have been derated.

“In addition, we have sourced an upgraded exhaust gas cooler meaning that standard 8-hour service intervals on the flame trap – laden with costly downtime, operator errors and risks – have been replaced with 1,000-hour service intervals.”

This latest 90K nitrogen converter unit comprises a single triplex pump and can operate up to 10,000 psi pressure and 1,500 SCFM. It is both CE-marked and ATEX certified.

The company has recently invested in its manufacturing processes with a new modular build process to deliver units in shorter lead times and reduced costs. This process also allows for easier maintenance or upgrades in the future through replacement of individual modules.

“It’s the way forward.” Mark continues.

“Modular builds allow for flexibility both during build and for the future of the unit as individual modules can be upgraded to suit the customers’ changing needs.

“It also allows for cleaner energy solutions to be added in the future without the need for full reworks of many of the unit’s systems.

“This new process adds to the longevity of customer investments”.