Geo Therm Ltd surveyor company celebrates 20 years in business.

Geo Therm Ltd

Established in 2002, Geo Therm Ltd celebrates its 20th year in business this August. The company is renowned for performing condition monitoring Thermographic and Ultrasonic inspections onboard offshore jack-up rigs, semi-submersibles, drillship units, including fixed platforms. The company has an impressive track record serving the majority of the worlds largest offshore energy operators - a testament to their experience, safe system of work, interpersonal manner, and business MO excellence. 
Geo Therm Ltd surveyors have frequented over 40 countries since its start up, supporting rig preventative maintenance programs, Classification audits, and the occasional emergency call-out, yet chiefly tasked to identify the early signs of electrical failure in switchboards and flashpoint ignition sources in engine rooms. When we questioned about the companys' service longevity Geo Therm Ltd company MD, Tony Dale disclosed ‘’the business is based on reliability, service due-diligence and a rapid mobilisation response delivering cost-effective results to address asset utility and energy security – much of our annual repeat of business is a testament to the confidence that our partners have in Geo Therm Ltd and its staff.’’ 
Geo Therm Ltd services include thermal inspections to identify extreme hot-spots that denote the on-set of early electrical system failure and fuel ignition sources in engine rooms. Other non-invasive inspection techniques include Ex inspections, water tightness integrity testing of enclosures, first-pass MV/HV partial-discharge switchboard inspections, and compressed air leak detection for energy conservation. Also, the supply and retrofitting of infrared windows to improve safety protocols when performing thermal inspections. 
Geo Therm Ltd are based in Suffolk, UK. They are accredited by FPAL and Safe Contractor, a registered ISO 9001:2015 company and specialist service suppliers with American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Lloyds Register (LR) approval and long term EEEGR members.