Geo Therm Ltd lands 3year contract with marine coatings giant

Geo Therm Ltd

Suffolk based inspection company Geo Therm Ltd has landed a three year multi-country contract with the Norwegian paints giant Jotun. 
Jotun's wet and dry powder coatings are used in the renewables industry, applied to wind turbine towers, turbine blades and nacelles, including offshore structures and ships.

The inspection and condition-based monitoring services tendered, will see Geo Therm Ltd teams support Jotun’s Middle East, India and Asia (MEIA) long term regional technical endeavours. Services to help equipment maintenance reliability issues across 20 sites in 10 countries, with the first services planned for early October 2020 in the UAE.

A delighted Tony Dale MD at Geo Therm Ltd said, ‘’over the past five months we have worked tirelessly to reach this successful outcome, made no easier with the Covid19 pandemic. Our prior ad-hoc visits to Jotun MEIA sites over the last three years combined with 18 years of safe, successful, transparent business operations in over 40 countries had certainly helped to close this international contract with Jotun paints’’.