DNV’s UK Energy Transition Outlook suggests action must be taken now to hit climate goals


The first edition of DNV’s UK Energy Transition Outlook (ETO) highlights that the nation will miss its net zero ambitions and achieve an 85% reduction from 1990 levels by 2050, with significant emissions from the buildings and transport sectors still impeding overall success.


If the UK is to achieve its net zero ambitions, 250 GW of new generation capacity, mainly offshore wind and solar, but also new nuclear, biomass and gas-fired generation (to provide a base load and back-up) will be required to support the shift to electricity as the primary energy carrier and wean the nation’s reliance away from fossil fuels.


In this report, DNV provides a detailed forecast of the demand and supply of energy towards 2050 and delves into the specific opportunities, challenges, policy, and financing impacting the likelihood of goals being met.

Unlike other reports out there, DNV’s ETO is not based on scenarios and instead is a best forecast based on the current approach.


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