A safe transition at the heart of new Dräger appointment

Dräger Marine & Offshore (Megan Hine)

Dräger Marine & Offshore, a subsidiary of Dräger, a leader in the fields of safety and medical technology, is ensuring the safety of organisations as they work to adapt to the energy transition with the creation of a new role.
Megan Hine, who was previously Account Manager – Fixed Gas Detection Systems, has taken on the role of UK Business Development Manager Clean Energy, with a focus on ensuring companies are aware of potential challenges and safety considerations as early in the process as possible.

Megan said: “The move away from a carbon-based economy has to be done swiftly, but above all it has to be done safely. Making sure we manage the change well is crucial, and as with anything that requires a degree of speed, there isn’t always the time to be as thorough as we should be.

“The creation of this role will allow us to be even more involved in projects from the outset, working on systems several years before they go live. We can't have setbacks caused by poor safety because in the end they'll harm the overall goal of reducing carbon emissions and protecting the planet for future generations.

“Not only does this mean the activity has a trusted advisor from the beginning, but by using Dräger’s products through the lifecycle of projects, customers are able to enjoy the benefits that brings such as equipment being serviced by suitably competent technicians, ensuring it complies with Health & Safety Executive (HSE) regulations.

“It's really exciting to have these conversations with the people that are engineering the future – our role is to try to make sure they engineer it well and they engineer it safely.”

Matthew Bedford, Dräger Managing Director UK & Ireland, said: “The organisation has a global focus on the energy transition, and given her five years spent in the fixed gas division of the organisation, the appointment of Megan to this role provides us with even more experience in this area.

“There are many risks people won’t necessarily be aware of, and therefore a large part of this role will centre around the education of a safe transition. We are all about doing things right, making sure that everyone is safe and goes home when their work is done. The creation of this position is a move that will ensure that ethos continues.”

As part of her new role, which covers the entire Dräger safety portfolio including offshore fire, fixed gas, breathing apparatus and marine lifesaving equipment, Megan has taken part in Future North Sea event at Aberdeen’s P&J Live on February 8th.

The hybrid event brought together industry leaders to discuss the future of energy development in the North Sea, with Megan featuring in a panel discussion around operational excellence, including how to improve performance and efficiency from assets safely.

She said: “I’m delighted that I was able to take part in the discussion and I am looking forward to helping shape the future of the sector. The company is geared towards ensuring the future is sustainable, and part of doing that will be through educating the industry and supporting the next generation of engineers.”

You can watch the Future North Sea panel discussion here: https://vimeo.com/user123148348/fns23